VERMONT SCHOOL OF
                    SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY

VSSM Gallery

  1. Christmas Outreach
    Christmas Outreach
    Gregg, north student, on streets of Burlington blessing people with Christmas cards
  2. Christmas Outreach
    Christmas Outreach
    More students in Burlington on Church St.
  3. Georgian celebrating Healing
    Georgian celebrating Healing
    Woman healed at Healing Grace
  4. Students worshipping
    Students worshipping
    Fun and important part of school
  5. North students
    North students
    Jack, Tyler, Vivian, Gary, Gisele and David
  6. Graduation 2017
    Graduation 2017
    Graduating class all three years
  7. Graduation VSSM 2017
    Graduation VSSM 2017
    3rd year class
  8. Graduation VSSM 2017
    Graduation VSSM 2017
    1st year class
  9. Graduation VSSM 2017
    Graduation VSSM 2017
    2nd year class
  10. VSSM 2017
    VSSM 2017
    Students praying over Gisele and Gary
  11. 2017 VSSM South Graduation
    2017 VSSM South Graduation
    Gary, Gisele, Susan, Lana, Alex, Erica, Arlene
  12. VSSM South graduates 2017
    VSSM South graduates 2017
    Susan, Lana, Alex, Erica and Arlene
  13. South graduation 2016
    South graduation 2016
    Alex, Arlene, Erica E., Erica B., Dawn, Gisele, Gary