SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY

Meet The Team

Gary & Gisele Walker
Gary and Gisele are native Vermonters. They have both been walking with the Lord since the early 1980’s. They have served at both Hunger Mountain Christian Assembly and at Community Bible Church in various positions for over twenty five years. They were married in December 1999 and have had many adventures in their 17 plus years of marriage including a ministry trip to Kenya, Africa in 2006.

In 2009 they moved to Redding, CA where they lived for six years. Gisele attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) and graduated in 2010. For two years, she worked in the Bethel Healing Rooms and Moral Revolution . She also worked for two years as an assistant pastor at BSSM where she mentored many students.

Gary and Gisele have also fathered and mothered three different revival groups at BSSM. They have many students around the world who have been influenced by their ministry and who lovingly refer to them as “Momma & Papa G”.

Gary has a passion for reading, studying and teaching on the Kingdom of God. He has followed many different ministries around the world who seek the love, joy and power of God.

Gisele has a passion for people! To see them touched and made well, in spirit, soul and body. She was a nurse for over 27 years before going out to Redding, Ca.

Gary and Gisele have three children and four grandchildren with whom they love spending time with them.

They want to bring their passion to people to experience God and His love, power and healing more than knowledge. They want hearts burning, minds transformed and bodies healed.
Gary & Gisele Walker

We want to raise up people to do greater things

Empowering leaders tell people who they are, rather then what to do.